As with other articles this piece is my thinking and my experiments with productivity. When I talk about productivity it is about how to manage your day in a way that you get the maximum possible output.

Understanding productivity from different angles

A certain technique may work very well for individuals in one line of…

1 hour spent watching useless Youtube videos, Whatsapp Statuses, Reading Medium and Quora

Creating something — Feels like a waste of time

Who is going to read/watch/listen to my blog/video/podcast, can’t afford to spend time on that.

It’s pretty strange but this is how my mind seems to have been…

Been on both side (employee/employer). For creative jobs, its difficult to say when a task is finished. You can Finish it in 2 hours with "OK" result, or spend some more time on it to improve it.

You can continue to deliver mediocre results, cutting corners and say "See! I could do my 40 hours of work in 20 hours".

Then one day you get fired and say "See! these CEOs are so heartless they don't care".

I feel both need to set right expectations - it depends on the kind of job. If the expectation(contract) is to give x hours of your day to something, you should.

If expectation is to get the results and you can do it in quarter of the time that they expected, then great!

The iOS and Android simulators running side by side on the M1 Mac

This post is aimed at people who are contemplating buying a new Mac specifically for flutter development and are confused whether they should go for the Intel version vs the M1 one.

To answer the question in the title — Yes it does, atleast it did for me with the…

Many of us have talents that we would want to showcase, but there might be hesitation and fear.
The question “Am I really that good?” might haunt you before you decide to go public with your talent.
When I say go public it might be anything. It can be, what I am…

This will be an evolving post, containing all the leanings I had(or will have) while building and managing software projects.

The list is totally based on my opinion and experience. Here it is:

Communication is really important.

You might have heard it many times already, but the very fact that you hear it so…

Writing this post in no way makes me a good programmer. I have been always collecting some points(online resources and some through experience) regarding how to always improve as a developer.
This post would serve as a reminder of those points.

So here is the list:

The general stuff

Know that you don’t know everything(and don’t bash yourself about it either). Just be ready to learn.

The technology field, from…

Nikhil Sharma

Developer, Learner

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